Shipping Instructions

To transfer research and manufacturing material to EPL Archives, LLC (EPL), please click on the “Send Alert” button. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Shipment date
  • Shipper company name, address, contact name, email address and phone number;
  • Transfer material type(s) description, container type and quantity, and indicate if any material are hazardous, radioactive, and/or controlled substances;
  • Temperature storage requirements for shipped material;
  • Carrier name and any available carrier tracking information;
  • Sponsor/Client company name;
  • Sponsor/Client contact name, email address, and phone number who authorized the transfer;
  • EPL account number if available;
  • Any additional shipment details (i.e., Sponsor/Client study reference number, study title, and compound name, special instructions;
  • Attach applicable hazardous, radioactive, and/or safe-handling documents;
  • Attach supporting transfer documentation (e.g., inventory, applicable permits)

Please note: EPL prefers that temperature sensitive material be shipped priority overnight – with any needed dry ice/cool packs, sufficient to last at least 72 hours in transit, shipped not later than Wednesday of each week – to minimize any transit delay risks.

Shipping Addresses

EPL Archives SAS. – Europe
14ème Rue
06510 CARROS

EPL Archives, LLC – North America
45604 Terminal Drive
Sterling, Virginia 20166

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