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Secure Disposal

Disposal of Hazardous, Radioactive or Controlled Substances

EPL Archives, LLC (EPL) will follow client instructions to designate certain research and manufacturing material for disposal. This material may include hazardous, radioactive and/or controlled substances. Once authorized in writing, EPL’s highly-trained personnel will retrieve the requested material and stage it for the processing services described below.

EPL will verify the client designated material, perform specialized packaging of this material, and provide hazardous material transportation to its approved service provider for incineration. If the material is radioactive, EPL uses an approved service provider licensed to transport and incinerate such material into radioactive ash that is disposed of in approved radioactive landfill sites. Alternate procedures are also in place for toxic chemicals.

The disposal of designated material eliminates the possibility of future client hazardous waste liability and conforms to current environmental regulations.

EPL will provide its clients with confirmation of the disposal date for the designated material for their records once appropriate incineration services have been completed.

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