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Clinical Biorepository Services

Biostorage Services

EPL Archives, LLC provides professional biostorage services that allow our clients to consolidate, access via digital index, store in GCP compliant clinical biorepository and biobank facilities, distribute, and manage the lifecycle of their early, late, and post phase clinical research material. These services enable secure online visibility and rapid access to clinical research material to support new regulated product submissions and on-going research needs. Examples of clinical research material include blood and blood products (e.g., plasma and serum storage), human excreta and human tissue storage, DNA and cryogenic cell line storage, paper data and other data (e.g., consent forms, trial master files, lab specimen forms). These services support clinical research that require secure preservation in restricted access clinical biorepository / biobanking facilities.


We provide an in-house auto-aliquoting service as an integral element of our biorepository services, offering you our meticulous levels of care while minimizing the chain of custody in a de-risked environment. We preserve the integrity of your biological samples, even at high throughput, and produce the aliquots that are critical to maintaining the validity of your research results, so you can focus on improved, commercially valuable research outcomes.

Specialized Sample Logistics

We provide regulatory compliant specialized logistics services to support consolidation and lifecycle sample management of research material using personnel who are trained and licensed in regulatory compliant packaging and global distribution of hazardous, radioactive, secure cold-chain and/or controlled substances with applicable permits, customs clearance experience, and chain of custody documentation.

Flexible Sample Indexing

EPL offers flexible and robust digital indexing of all research material by trained personnel using our proven SOP’s, imbedded quality control procedures, and validated LabTrak® material management system to ensure the accuracy of your inventory, facilitate discrepancy resolution, and standardize your inventory to maximize savings.

Compliant Sample Storage

We store all research material in our restricted access purpose-built clinical biorepository / biobanking facilities that offer validated environmental monitoring across a full-range of storage environments (e.g., +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, Vapor-Phase LN2), back-up equipment and power sources, fire detection and suppression systems, emergency response teams, and business continuity procedures that ensure secure long-term preservation.

LabTrak® Material Management

Our enterprise-class validated LabTrak® material management system provides secure online access to manage your inventory, submit work requests, and generate standard or custom reports. This is a powerful proprietary system that was developed by EPL over many years to support its diverse client requirements for material management on a global scale.

Regulated Data Management

We offer regulatory compliant data management services for paper data and electronic data on physical media (e.g., CDs, DVDs, and other storage devices) that include, but are not limited to: material receipt and inspection; standard and custom indexing; storage in vaults that are temperature and humidity controlled and environmentally monitored with a validated system, protected by FM200 and/or Nitrogen gas fire detection and suppression systems; digital document imaging; retrieval and distribution of records.

Lifecycle Sample Management

We provide related support services for sample management such as: partnering with certain labs for sample aliquoting and processing; special off-site project support; site relocations; custom sample management programs; independent study audits; review of documents for international submissions; support for sample licensing, sales, and acquisitions; and secure disposal through incineration.

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