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Enterprise-Class System

EPL Archives, LLC (EPL) validated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant LabTrak® system is an enterprise-class material management application that provides a consolidated view of highly diverse research, development, and manufacturing material as well as related data.

LabTrak® is the product of over a decade of continuous investment. EPL developed this powerful technology because there simply was not a commercially available solution that could support the complexity of growing client and EPL business requirements.

Secure Client Portal

EPL’s clients use the LabTrak® secure web portal to manage their consolidated material and data. These clients use the account-based search, filtering, and virtual collection capabilities to rapidly respond to internal requests that support ongoing research and development activities.

The EPL team uses LabTrak® every day to provide world-class services for receiving, indexing, transacting, and managing our clients’ material. LabTrak® supports regulatory compliance, industry best practices, security, and custom services/processing instructions through embedding quality controls, barcode technology, security/authorization features, and flexible account-based instructions.

High Performance & Availability

Redundant application servers and multiple data protection methods are used to promote high availability and data integrity for the mission-critical LabTrak® system.

LabTrak® also provides the basis for flexible client invoicing, reporting and utilities to export LabTrak® information in CSV or other common format for import into client specific application systems.

LabTrak® supports clients’ service requests through self-service using the secure web portal or by contacting our Client Services team. Either way, the resulting completed service request can be made available through the secure client portal. Service requests include:

  • Work Request Initiation/Authorization – client users can create, edit, and authorize work requests to transact their material;
  • Flexible Inventory Searching – client users can search their material, create saved searches, or create/manage virtual collections of material;
  • Information about the material can be exported so the client user can distribute the information outside of the LabTrak® system;
  • Reports of inventory material or virtual collections can be generated in a variety of different report configurations and are either exported into a common spreadsheet application or delivered through industry-standard PDF format; and
  • Authorized client users can manage access to the secure web portal for their account to allow other users to be able to search, make requests, approve requests, or a combination appropriate to that person’s role in their organization.

Secure Audit Trail

LabTrak® supports data integrity through:

  • Secure logging – System information is protected in a secure environment so that data cannot be altered;
  • Auditing – A documented and auditable chain of custody for all client material stored at EPL;
  • Accountability – Tracks every item’s audited information including the user, date/time stamp, source of the change, and reason for change; and
  • Non-repudiation – Audit trail information is logged to prevent information tampering. One way of ensuring this is through our use of multi-tiered, password-controlled access.

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